Our Mission


Established in 1985, Kogovsek & Associates, Inc. continues to provide affordable, effective support for Western interests on responsible water resource management, development and conservation, use and protection of our public lands, Native American issues and local government and water district access to federal support for related programs.

K&A President Christine Arbogast speaks at the 2021 summer meeting of the Texas Water Conservation Association.

The small, Colorado-based firm was founded by the late Ray Kogovsek, a former legislator and Congressman who passed away in 2017. It is my honor to serve as its President and to employ the high standards of advocacy set by Ray.

I believe the breadth of our client history speaks clearly to our ability to navigate the complex legislative and administrative processes, particularly at the federal level.  So does the long-standing nature of our client portfolio.

Kogovsek & Associates’ priorities remain a close working relationship with its client family, and maintaining strong working relationships on both sides of the political aisle. 

               "My clients' issues transcend political party lines. I am proud to be known for a bipartisan
                approach to solving problems for those I represent."

                                               Christine Arbogast, President

Kogovsek & Associates is committed to involving clients directly in the lobbying experience; meeting with federal and state agencies and congresssional and legislative decision-makers. After all, no one can tell the story about government's role in the lives of a water provider, a local municipality or an Indian Tribe better than the leaders of those entities and their excellent and experienced staff of experts.

The firm serves as the critical link between those who manage services to their constituents and the government agencies and legislative bodies whose actions affect clients daily. The firm's goal has always been positive impact and working with clients, we have successfully achieved that for 37 years.

It would be my pleasure to establish a working relationship with you, and I hope the information shared here will help us to get acquainted.

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